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Feb 14, 2020

Join Seamus and Hendy Avenue’s evaluation consultant, Jessica Wilson explore the history, intention, and context to the Charlotte Danielson rubric that forms the basis for LOTES.

Academics:  Data Driven Decisions

CV:  Scholars First

Feb 14, 2020

Join us at Frank Jacinto Elementary School to hear real students shouting out their real teachers!  This is part 1 of 2.

The Lorain Way: High Performing Teachers: Positive Culture

Core Value:  Scholars First

Feb 14, 2020

Join Seamus as he welcomes Bob Brdar, a 4th-grade teacher at Palm Elementary.  Bob Shares his journey into teaching and becoming a coach of elementary chess champions.  Discover how chess can help classroom skills and how you can support his efforts in Lorain City Schools.

The Lorain Way:  Relationship Building


Dec 28, 2019

In this introduction, you meet T-POP host Seamus O'Hara and learn what T-POP has in store!

TLW: Connect before Content
CV: Take Pride

Dec 27, 2019

Join Seamus as he visits Stevan Dohanos Elementary to find out how eating together creates a positive culture where teachers ask for walkthroughs.  Later, join Scott, Amber, and Eric while they discuss what they heard about the efforts of Stevan Dohanos in our T-POP Roundtable.

The Lorain Way: Culture: Relationship...